About Facaan

FACAAN is a Social Enterprise company dedicated to buying and selling art of African artists.

It is our mission to promote African artists, buy & sell their art – either directly or in commission, helping artists to promote themselves, support them making a living out of creating AND selling art.

To be able to do this, FACAAN trains artists in Africa to produce art that is attractive for people in Europe and in the U.S.A. We buy art at a minimum guaranteed amount per month, we ship all art together to Europe and promote the artists.

We invest predominantly in artists from Africa, but will also include artists from outside Africa.

Donations we receive will be used exclusively for new projects, like starting a training program for young artists, or creating new workplaces for more artists. Any profit FACAAN might generate will be re-invested in FACAAN, and will be used for the creation of new artist working spots. FACAAN will not pay out dividends to its shareholder(s).

Please DO buy a work of art of your favorite artist and support our work! Your walls are already full, you don’t need any extra art, but you do want to support our mission? Your donation is very welcome.

For Buying art & Donations you can bank wire us:
IBAN: (will come soon)
SWIFT: (will come soon)
BANK ADDRESS: (will come soon)

Or PayPal us:
(PAYPAL BUTTON - will come soon)

All art that we have as ‘for sale’ on this website is already located in The Netherlands, Europe. We ship worldwide, usually with UPS.