You like our artists, but want to have something drawn/painted specifically for you?

Often this is possible.

Send us a picture(s) and/or as close as possible description of what exactly it is you want us to create.

Clearly, next to the assignment description we will need: - What artist - What medium (pencil, ink, paint…) - Preferred size - Time pressure yes/no

Prices you can look at the artist of your choice. If you choose Josey, and you want a 40x30cm. painting, you can see what he normally charges. It will NOT be cheaper – it might be a bit more expensive.

What makes a commission more expensive? Things like multiple characters, complicated backgrounds, anything that will cost extra time to create. Our sales prices are based on time needed. If your commission is about the same amount of hours needed to create as the paintings we offer for sale; the price will be the same as well.

What is allowed/not allowed? Basically, all that is legal is allowed, but artists are always free to refuse a commission, without giving a reason. We do not accept commissions that are political or insulting on religion. A commission with nudity will not be a problem for most artists, but commissions with an explicit sexual act we will refuse because there are strict pornography laws in Kenya.

Mail us your request at